Certified Master of Reiki, Speaker, Consultant, Author of The Personality Transformation Methodology

Consultations in the USA, Europe and CIS countries

10 years of a private 
counseling practice

Dozens of lectures, seminars and webinars 


Certified Master of Reiki, Speaker, Individiual Consultant

Kristina is a certified Master of Reiki, Japanese form of energy healing. She is also the author of personality analysis and transformation method, an individual consultant that helps find solutions for hard life situations. 10-year experience in the area. 

She helps find out and eliminate the personality's malware that blocks the individual's growth and fulfilling the life mission. Kristina guides in goal-setting and helps shape a clear vision of the future.

With Kristina's help, you can find the true reasons for a business crisis, problems in personal relationships and other things happening in your life. Kristina helps choose the most efficient methods and problem solutions.  

The right decisions in challenging times